Erstream Catchup TV

Erstream Catchup Tv Panel allows our clients creating Video -On- Demand contents from their Live Linear streams .

 The created contents can be upload to any given Content Delivery Network , in addition to Facebook , YouTube and Twitter 

Our service could be given as a technical lease or 100% managed service by a panel. 


Erstream Catchup Up Panel is an Agile service that prepare the contents automatically and manually .

The Catchup feature enables the creation of VoD directly from the live streams, with minimal time-to-market and without video quality loss. This can be used for File-to-VOD creation on-the-fly or for pulling highlights from a live broadcast for immediate promotion and News Highlight

The features of our Catch Up TV:

-Ability to crop and combine your clips

-Advertisement removing automatically

-Both API and Panel support

-Ability to publish on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube)

-Ability to upload any given Content Delivery Network

Social Media

Live Stream To Social Platforms Simultaneously With Multi-streaming options

Create Short Videos and Publish Directly to all your social Pages and platforms

Mini Match - Goals - News - Short Clips , Summaries ,...