Erstream Content Management System, is a preset substructure developed to serve content to end users by using flexible product components and could serve flawlessly for millions of instant users. It can be customized in the way you want without any need for coding.

Flexible Modelling

-With dynamic data modelling feature, search and filter operations can be customized
-Customized data models can be created as much as needed!

Data Models

-Content can be grouped easily with flexible data structure;
-Categories can be moved under other categories when needed;
-Not only the individual content but also categories can be tagged;
-Live channel or radio could be build in, morever special events can be formed;
-Flexible cache architecture;
-Different customized content lists and sliders can be created.


-Flexible API which can serve all the requirements of system and the structure SOAP, WCF or RESET API support

Search Engine

-Quick and flexible search with Elasticsearch;
-Special search structure designed for management of customizable data.


All video streamings are logged instantly;
-Reports can be preapered in accordance with customized CMS structure;
-Excel reports;
-Individual streaming experience throughout the session;
-Re-buffer statictics for a spesific period;
-Bit rate range for streamings in a spesific period;
-Geographical information with city-county details in the reports
-Real time export support for experience reports to Customer Services

User Management

-With customizable user authorization, unwanted activities of unauthorized users are restricted;
-Reporting of user activities;
-Payment system convenient to work with different payment methods;
-User based campaing management;
-Criteria defining to evaluate user churn tendencies.

JW, GPAC or Silverlight Players integrated in Erstream Content Management system works compatible with Erstream Video Portal.

On this players;

  • Transfer of user experience statistics
  • Vast 2.0 ; pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlay, rich media
  • Custom skin
  • Smooth Streaming, HLS, MpegDash and other http protocols
  • Playready DRM
  • Stream formats are supported
  • Customizations according to your needs to provide portal spesifications

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