EDGE Server

Erstream develops Edge Servers specially customized for Premium VOD services with highly advanced features compared with standard cache.

When integrated Erstream Edge and Origin servers work together perfect service guarantee, which Cache CDN services on global internet cannot commit, is provided. Erstream Edge servers are customized for Premium VOD services and constantly optimized for multiple bitrate streams in high chunk systems and high bitrates.

Using Erstream Edge and origin servers together, minimizes the risk of getting effected by unstabilities in global internet network and streaming experience is guaranteed by Erstream origin – edge resillience and FEC algorythms. When end users’ network condition is also taken into account; total stream period creates maximum %0.1 re-buffer, %92 of users stream with the highest bit rate, %1 switches through middle (transition) bit rates and %7 is observed to be streaming with the lowest bit rate. Additionally, when chunks size differs between 2-10 seconds, broadcast starts under 4 seconds or below. Those calculations are done with 10Gbps real user load.

Erstream Edge Servers are high performance servers. The CPU load does not pass %60 level when 20Gbps traffic is reached on a non hyper thread quad core hardware on live broadcasts.

Erstream Edge Servers are capable of hybrid serving live and VOD content at the same time. Platforms could distribute rtmp or Octoshape content through the Edge servers.

Another very important feature is, security abilities on Erstream Edge servers.
Erstream Edge Servers support below solutions by default:

  • AES 128 Bit Encryption
  • On the fly DRM with Playready
  • Fingerprinting
  • User based private password insertion into manifest
  • User based code which is seperate and secured by additional encryption protocols is feeded in to player with an additional service
  • Standard link protection methods such us Ticket / Token
  • Erstream Edge Service supports Watermarking

According to watermarking necessities, with a minor integration with platform’s content supplier, Watermarking could be used from the start.

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