Cloud Encoder

Just a powerful CDN infrastructure is not enough for the maximum available picture quality for the ends user. There is always a loss in the picture quality after the encoding process even the source video quality might be perfect.

However, Erstream’s encoding solutions make the quality loss in the encoding process so small that it’s not easy to recognize the loss in the picture quality without additional help.

Using Erstream Encoder which is developed by Erstream engineers with long R&D work, you can encode your Live or on Demand (VOD) content with the possible minimum loss and make your content available to be streamed.

  • X264 : X264 which is the best encoding Engine is used in our Encoder
  • Object oriented design: It is able to use Mainconcept or another encoding engine
  • CDN Integration: It’s %100 integrated to the CDN
  • Optimized: Much more optimized compared to competitive products.
  • High Picture Quality: It creates a better Picture quality compared to competitors.

The Unique Features of Erstream Encoder

  • Automatically detects the highest bit rate
  • Complete integration with CDN component
  • Supports M+N back up structure

Enhanced features for lip-sync

  • Seperate versions for live and VOD encoding
  • Media optimization before encoding and computes algorythms on a content to maximize encoding quality
  • RTMP, HLS, Smooth Streaming, Mpeg-Dash support
  • Build-in Playready DRM
  • Allows archiving and Catch Up content production
  • HEVC and 4K resolution support
  • Watermarking and logo support
  • Provides API for 3rd party video CMS for thumbnails
  • Subtitle burn option for both live and VOD streamings
  • Ingesting a live stream and encoding video at once, unites the requested audio channels on transponder stream
  • Ability to serve multiple language and subtitle options with lowest system usage
  • Multiple CDN and also ability to feed several ingest points real time in all supported formats
  • Ability to encode SDI, MPTS and RTMP sources
  • With custom design hardware, could encode 36 SD channels each to be 4 bit rate in 3U area

When legal archiving is needed, ability to archive on a given storage in hourly logs

Compared with rival products, provides %40 more quality. You can get the same quality you have with 2Mbps with a rival product with only 1.2Mbps with Erstream Encoder;

You can monitor all channels in the service or edit broadcast parameters easily with user friendly and HTML based remote conrol console.

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