Erstream streamed FIBA 2019 via AI assisted DAION

Erstream streamed FIBA 2019 basketball matches on NTV.COM.TR with personalized digital advertisements via AI assisted DAION technology that can generate targeted content for each viewer on the same stream.


On a regular TV broadcast, content is delivered via a fixed linear stream. Viewers get bored especially on advertisement breaks, the minute ads start, they zap to other channels and quit watching the content altogether.

DAION is an end to end digital streaming technology that transforms online video content into personalized viewing experience with AI support. If viewers are watching online via a DAION supported platform, they only see targeted ads based on their interests which attracts their attention. Thus, they don’t need to switch to other channel or content.

By doing it so, advertisers make sure that the ads they provide reach to the right audience and can have accurate measurements of the impressions. Broadcasters, at the same time, increase customer satisfaction and have an important source of revenue.

Doğuş Group’s Digital Advertising Group Head Yakup Erdogan shares his opinion on the project along with figures of the live match event; “As the owner of World-famous brands such as NTV, NTV Spor, Star TV and one of the strongest Digital content platforms PUHU, by successfully implementing Dynamic Ad Insertion for Live Streaming service, Dogus Media Group opens a new chapter in Digital broadcast advertising.

DAION service is simultaneously integrated to 3 different ad engines and impression tracking systems. 750 thousand unique viewers watched 6 matches Turkish National Basketball Team has played so far on NTV.COM.TR platform via web, mobile and Smart TV devices.  Users have watched a total of 8 Million targeted ads from FMCG, automative and finance sectors on time-out, quarters and half-time breaks instead of the advertisements on linear TV broadcast.

Sharing his thoughts on DAION, Uğur Kalaba, CEO of Erstream states; “FIBA 2019 is a major milestone for DAION platform, which we developed to meet customers with the right content, at the right time, and with the most appropriate technology. In order to increase the success of our products, we are expanding our investments especially in artificial intelligence and big data.
About Erstream Video Delivery Company

Erstream is a leading internet video technology and services company with more than 15 years of experience. Delivering scalable End-To-End OTT services including Downlink, Cloud Encoding, Content Management, CDN software and Client Application Development, Catch-up TV, nDVR, VoD services Erstream is in collaboration with local and global media companies, established content owners and broadcasters. Erstream offers agnostic CDN software & API driven services with revolutionary content protection, fraud detection and user authentication capabilities supporting complex topologies, multiple platform requirements and high level protection demands of customers.
Erstream will showcase its end-to-end solutions at IBC 2019, September 13-17 at RAI Amsterdam / Hall 14 Stand 14.D16.

About Doğuş Media Group

Doğuş Media Group dominates the Turkish media sector through its pioneering, innovative and consistent identity.

Launching its operations in 1999 with NTV, it works with such global corporations as National Geographic and Condé Nast, and it continues to make major advances in the media sector. Doğuş Media Group operates in many media segments, from TV to the Internet and radio to magazine. Its principled publishing, consistency, respect for professional and ethical values, and focus on quality, which it has maintained since its founding, has cultivated trust in brands under the Doğuş Group umbrella.

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