Our Team

  • Uğur Kalaba
    Uğur Kalaba Chief Executive Officer

    Ugur is graduated from ITU Industrial Engineering and founder of Erstream.

    He has expertise in Intelligent Networking Software, Voice Over IP, Media CDN, Enhanced VMS, STB Middleware, ITV Applications, TV GAMES, Video Games, Defence Industry, Home Land Security, International Business Developement, Digital Platforms, Video Processing, Computing Vision, Business Intelligence Software, Recommendation Engine, P2P Networking Software(Video – Data), Specialties:Intelligent Networking Software fields

  • Radoslav Raychev
    Radoslav Raychev Chief Technical Officer

    Radoslav is a revolutionary software engineer who applies his extraordinary computing and programming techniques in Telco Grade projects. He is also among the founders of Erstream.

    He has worked as lead developer in hundreds of software projects. He has 15 years of C and Open Source operating system experience and holds patent for several algorythm and technologies in interactive TV games, 3D game simulators, CDN and video services

  • Yağız Buran
    Yağız Buran Chief Project Officier

    Yağız is a ITU Mathematical Engineering graduate. He is also among the founders of Erstream. He has successfully managed hundreds of low-level and application level software projects in his 13 years of experience in the business. He leads Erstream’s projects.

  • Yuliyan Minchev Yordanov
    Yuliyan Minchev Yordanov Chief Software Developer

    Yuliyan is graduated from Sakarya Computer Engineering and joined Erstream software team as a junior programmer with 3 years of experience in 2005 when he is 17.

    He completed high school and university education throughout his business life. Currently, he is leading Erstream software team as Chief Software Developer.

  • Özge Gülşen Doğan
    Özge Gülşen Doğan Corporate Support Director for Content Services

    Özge is a 2009 graduate of Dokuz Eylül University American Culture and Literature Department. She started her carrier in the media in MTV Turkey’s Content and Programming team and continued with the market’s first online video streaming project FilmClub as Content Operations Manager. Then she worked as Programming Coordinator for Fox International Channels Turkey which incorporates popular TV channels like National Geographic, FX and 24Kitchen. Since the start of 2014, she has been with Erstream as Corporate Support Director for Content Services.

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