Media and Broadcasters

TV Viewing is changing right ?
So how to keep up ?

Key issues are mostly broadcasters are looking for scaleable, affordable and reliable CDN. Erstream services starts with broadcaster’s ingest point through end user with supported on default multi-bit rate and multi-drm functions and multi-formats.

Our CDN carries only videos only so there will be no interference for content. We care viewing experience all the time and feed back customers with built-in analytics comes with our CDN service.

Take control with Erstream CDN

  • Minimizing Latency
  • Avoiding Buffer
  • Origin/ Edge Server work harmony
  • Multi-Bit Rate-Multi-DRM Support-Multi-Format Enhanced
  • Multi Device supported, including Smart TV’s, Game Consoles and STB’s.
  • DVR Time Shift Option for Live Broadcasting with Network PVR optional.
  • Storage on demand videos with Cloud Editing Live Broadcasts.
  • Dynamic server side Ad-Insertion
  • Comes with Non-Sql database analytics for Measurement, viewer engagement, qos managament for advanced monitoring.

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