Erstream provides 7/24 monitoring for your online video service or private CDN and offers performance tracing and manuel monitoring for the whole system in accordance with certain broadcast performance criteria.

All network equipments, servers, encoder and other hardwares, operating systems are instantly monitored by Erstream.

Erstream uses, virtual monitoring softwares located outside the network and designed specially to monitor the quality of the service given to the end user.

Those softwares provides constant monitoring and automatically monitors several different content grouped divided into different performance criteria. With the help of this virtual monitoring, some of the possible mistakes are reported insrantly. By that, long before the customer notification, the problems are detected and problem solution process can be initiated in accordance with the related SLA.

An overall NOC and Monitoring service is a consultancy project for Erstream and developed by system analysis principles. Additionally, apart from the usage of standard monitoring softwares (Nagios, Zabbix, Munin) this virtual monitoring system encompasses software development and integration processes.

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