Origin Server

In a benchmark environment where 2500 different content at the same time by 6000 unique user are requested under 5ms delay limit with 1,5 Mbps(720p HD) approximate avarage streaming bit rate On VOD distribution, Erstream Origin Server, with 10Gbps uplink with consumption of 0.5 of 2.000.000 USD market value CPU load.

Default features supported by Erstream on origin server

  • All standard HTTP formats (Smooth Streaming, HLS, Mpeg-dash)
  • Real-time transmuxing
  • Active and Redundant encoding support. By feeding two encoding sources, even one of them fails, the end user could continue streaming without refreshing the browser.
  • Redundant origin support. Erstream origins work as active and active-reduntant. When working with Erstream Edge server, even one of the redundant origins fails, the broadcast continues without any effects on customer’s side.

With Erstream Origin Solution; services such as catch-up module, DVR and Timeshifting comes along.

With the latest upgrade, Erstream Origin Services are ready for HEVC codec and 4K broadcast services.

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