Erstream Catchup TV Panel allows our clients creating Video-on-Demand contents from their Live Linear streams.


The ingested content can easily be edited to mini highlights or summary videos of sports matches, news broadcasts and other events.


The created content can be uploaded to any given Content Delivery Network, in addition to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

The Catchup feature enables the creation of VOD directly from the live streams, with minimal time-to- market and without video quality loss. This can be used for File-to VOD creation on-the-fly or for pulling highlights from a live broadcast for immediate promotion and News Highlight.


  • Ability to crop and combine your clips
  • Advertisement removing automatically
  • Both API and Panel support
  • Ability to publish on social media
    such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Ability to upload any given Content Delivery Network
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Turn Your Favorite TV Moments into Shareable
Social Media Posts in Seconds

Make your own mini movies with this easy-to-use and powerful tool. Upload the video, cut out what you need and
select the social media platform that best fits for where/how you want to post it, or even distribute it with CDN.

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