About Images

Erstream’s Content Management System will help you easily manage, monetize and deliver any live or VOD content customized in the way you want without any need for coding. With one platform to monitor everything from video metadata like titles or descriptions; publishing schedules for when episodes should go live online, ad timings, subtitles, and multiple video sources.

Instant and Precise

CMS that serves content to
end-users by using flexible product components and could serve flawlessly for millions of instant users.

Various and Secure

Our video management system will help you get your content in multiple media formats online and keep it safe.


Data Model

Groupable, taggable, and customizable content. Adaptable, and also taggable categories.

Flexible Modeling

Infinite customized data models. Customized search and filter operations.


Flexible, able to serve all the requirements of the system and the structure.

Search Engine

Quick and flexible with elasticsearch. Special search structure designed for the management of customized data.


Instantly logged video streamings.
Re-buffer statistics, bitrate range for streamings, geographically detailed information.

HTML5 Player

UX statistics, various video ad formats, adaptive HTTP streaming, several DRM options, customizable portal specification.

Multi Functional CMS Panel

Effortless dashboard and easier than ever access to content, tools, and updates. The CMS panel provides a smooth user experience with an intuitive interface that makes managing your website easy as can be.