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Publishing your video content on the digital area can be a challenge. But with our combined services, you have an easier time managing and encoding all of those videos in one place.

Regardless of how you plan on sharing your video, make sure it's high quality and low bitrate. This will ensure the best playback experience for viewers no matter their device or bandwidth connection speed.


  • Live Stream
  • Monitoring
  • Multi Audio
  • Multi DRM
  • Multi Resolution
  • Storage
  • Time Shift
  • VOD
  • Adaptive Rate
  • Secure Links

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Erstream Low Latency Live Streaming Services

To ensure the best quality, you need to compress your video. This way it can be played back at a lower bitrate and still look good. By optimizing video quality at reduced bitrates, our customers are able to deliver high-quality videos across a range of devices. Encode your videos with our state-of-the-art technology and experience significant bandwidth savings.

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Encoding and Transcoding Services

  • Encode all your content Live or VOD with our leading cloud or self-hosted encoders
  • Ingest your content from any source, including broadcast, satellite, or IP and transcode in any format
  • Supports 4K encoding and streaming
  • Lower bitrate and highest quality
  • Timeshifting experience for live videos
  • Be able to convert any media file, no matter how large or small into an optimized format that will reduce bandwidth usage
  • Callback notifications
  • Secure and protect your titles with enhanced DRM and encryption
  • Fast watermarking for live streams
  • Dynamic server-side ad options
  • Low latency end to end
  • Video processing, transcoding, transrating, scaling, resizing, transmuxing
  • File to live playlist
  • Mosaic generation
  • Graphic overlay

The Best Encoding Service

Contact us to learn more about our video content encoding and quality assurance services. We can start preparing your videos for distribution today.

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