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Working with highly valuable content for years, We share the responsibility and know the importance of content protection. Besides supporting Multi DRM vendors, user authentication, and URL protection, we developed ERSIGN technology which allows our edges to insert the unique ID of any viewer into the video stream simultaneously.

Protect Your Content from Piracy

It is a technology that prevents piracy by identifying users and displaying their ID until the end of the content. Our systems provide you to capture suspicious behaviors and users and you can disconnect users with our systems.

Manage Your Live Streams with Ease

Content rights and regulations, may require blocking live streams for a period of time, or blocking completely for specific
geo-locations. All can be managed via the same web portal or API.


Erstream provides a comprehensive security solution to protect your
valuable content from unauthorized access and use.

  • Secure Storage
  • Blackout
  • Screen Recording Protection
  • SSL Certificate
  • Geo Block
  • Token
  • Fingerprint
  • AES Encryption
  • Dynamic Watermarks
  • Multi DRM
  • Login Protection
  • Single Sign On

DRM Live Streaming System

All traffic between Erstream and any external user is encrypted using industry-standard protocols. This ensures that your information is always safe and secure.

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Sport OTT Solution

Erstream provides a complete Sport OTT solution that ensures a perfect video experience for your viewers while protecting your content with its forensic watermarking service.

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