CDN Broker

Erstream CDN Broker serves with 3 mail principles;

1 – Cost Optimization;
Digital Platforms are surrounded by uncontrollable costs in OTT or WEB TV environment. As the content is enriched, end user will be streaming more thus streaming costs will rise up. Undoubtedly, one of the main objects in OTT marketing is to make more streaming, but if cost accelaration is higher then income accelaration, economical dead-end is unavoidable. There are hundreds of territorial or global cahche CDN service provider networks in the world. Some make successfull strategies but some could fail in performance. For example; digital platforms migh be in race to distribute of some of those companies to certain territories. Streaming high bit rate HTTP chunk content via CDN with shorter ping time is much more reasonable when it is more low cost to stream lower bit rate content via CDN with long ping period. Erstream CDN Broker software, provides cost optimization in complex distribution models.

2 – Service Back Up;
Utilizing back up networks for content distribution is the key to a service which never fails. CDN networks are redundant within themselves but on a macro level, each CDN network to have a redundancy is useful and this approach gives platforms commercial freedom as well. While distributing http playlists, Erstream CDN broker service, counts possible or upcoming mistakes and provides priority and back up playlists.

3 – Evaluates the CDN performances which serves the platform and provides performance cost reports and semi automatic CDN prioritization.

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