Erstream Taps NexGuard for OTT Watermarking

Middle East and North Africa-focused online video platform provider Erstream has chosen NexGuard to supply forensic watermarking for its platform.

Erstream offers a OTT video delivery solution for live and on-demand, which includes multi-bitrate encoding, CDN delivery, edge storage, ingest and content management solutions, and is one of the major players in the MENA region.

“Subscriber-level watermarking is increasingly important for premium content” said Ugur Kalaba, CEO of Erstream. “By integrating NexGuard forensic watermarking, our customers can comply with the latest content protection requirements from the top sports leagues and Hollywood studios. By working with the world leader in watermarking, our customers can offer the best content catalog and have the tool to address illegal re-streaming immediately and effectively.”

Harrie, Tholen, managing director, NexGuard, said: “At NexGuard, we continue to deploy solutions that protect against illegal re-distribution of content, which is fast becoming the main global security threat facing content owners and distributors. Our integration with Erstream, which is particularly targeting live sports, demonstrates how subscriber-level watermarking in OTT services enables our customers to identify piracy down to the subscriber level very quickly and stop illegal streams at their source.”

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