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Analytics Are Changing the Picture of TV and OTT Platforms

Our Analytics tool provides you to control and monitor your content and users. When we look at the digital world with our experience, we know the statistics are very important to analyze situations. These analytics are used by both content owners and advertisers. With using our Analytics tool, you can access both user-experience and server-side data. To increase user experience, our analytics provides you Video-Performance tool.

Key features of our Analytics tool:
-Total view and duration,
-Specific view and duration values for every live or video-on-demand content,
-Heat map that shows the density of your views,
-Active session for live and video-on-demand content,
-Completed percentage and daily cumulative values for video-on-demand contents,
-Application, Browser and Medium percentages of views
-Ability to change time interval without any limitations,
-Total unique user,
-Specific view and duration values for every user,
-Percentages of old and new users per day,
-Integration with Content Management System

Detailed Analytics
Dive Deep Into Our Built-in Analytics

Real Time

Audience engagement and viewership


Through Our detailed analytics panels, you can check insights into your customers’ behavior to track content consumption by seconds played , Country , Device ,and more ...
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The more you know about your audience, the better you can adjust your content and marketing strategies

Powerful insight into which videos perform best
Consumer - Device - Video - Location

Advanced Dashboard and User Interface

Multi Layer Analytics

User Agent

Use Your Contents analytics to better understand your viewer , satisfy your customers and optimize your OTT Tv delivery network.

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Assess Your Video’s Performance by Monitoring Viewer Behavior