OTT Solutions

We offer you great OTT Solutions with combined all of our services to publish your content on the digital area. 

With our fully-integrated services from beginning to end, we can help you. 

  • Securing and protecting your titles with enhanced DRM and encryption
  • Fast watermarking for live events
  • Live and VOD asset management with Content management system
  • Time Shifting experience for live videos and network personal video recording optional
  • Dynamic Server-side ad options and multi-stream, subtitling and multi-language audio
  • Comes with non-SQL database analytics for Measurement, viewer engagement, QoS management for advanced monitoring










Live to VOD clipping


iOS, Android, Web,
Smart TV, STB,
Apple TV...


User & Content




Add Insertion

Tailor Made

Professional Services

Content Management System

Our Content Management System is a preset substructure developed to serve content to end-users by using flexible product components and could serve flawlessly for millions of instant users. It can be customized in the way you want without any need for coding.

  • Both metadata and category management,
  • SVOD and TVOD supports,
  • Video Management Workflow,
  • Build-in Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay and Microsoft PlayReady DRM solutions support.

Data Models

Flexible Modelling


  • Content can be grouped easily with a flexible data structure.
  • Categories can be moved under other categories when it is needed.
  • Not only the individual content but also categories can be tagged.
  • Live channel or radio cloud be build in, moreover, special events can be formed.
  • Flexible cache architecture
  • Different customized content lists and sliders can be created.
  • Customized data models can be created as much as needed.
  • Search and filter operations can be customized with a dynamic data modeling feature.
  • Flexible API which can serve all the requirements of the system and the structure SOAP, WCF or REST support

Search Engine


HTML5 Player

  • Quick and flexible search with Elasticsearch.
  • Special search structure designed for the management of customizable data.
  • All video streamings are logged instantly.
  • Reports can be prepared in accordance with the customized CMS structure.
  • Excel reports.
  • Individual streaming experience throughout the session.
  • Re-buffer statistics for a specific period.
  • Bit-rate range for streamings in a specific period.
  • Geographical information with city-country details in the reports.
  • Real-time support for experience reports to Customer Service.
  • Transfer of user experience statistics
  • Vast 4.0; Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll, Overlay, Rich media
  • Custom skin,
  • Smooth Streaming, HLS, Dash and other HTTP protocols
  • Build-in Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay and Microsoft PlayReady DRM solutions support,
  • Customizations according to your needs to provide portal specification

User ( CRM )

  • Creating user identities on  
  • Unwanted activities of unauthorized users are restricted with customizable user authorization.
  • Reporting user activities.
  • The payment system is convenient to work with different payment methods.
  • User-based campaign management.
  • Criteria defining to evaluate user churn tendencies.



Our Analytics tool provides you to control and monitor your content and users. When we look at the digital world with our experience, we know the statistics are very important to analyze situations. These analytics are used by both content owners and advertisers.

With using our Analytics tool, you can access both user-experience and server-side data. To increase user experience, our analytics provides you Video-Performance tool.

Key features of our Analytics tool: 
  • Total view and duration,
  • Specific view and duration values for every live or video-on-demand content,
  • Heat map that shows the density of your views,
  • Active session for live and video-on-demand content,
  • Completed percentage and daily cumulative values for video-on-demand contents,
  • Application, Browser and Medium percentages of views
  • Ability to change time interval without any limitations,
  • Total unique user,
  • Specific view and duration values for every user,
  • Percentages of old and new users per day,
  • Integration with Content Management System

Sample Projects

We can bring together our experience with your content.