To be in the digital area your all content either video on demand either live streaming, we have great solutions with more than 15 years experience. We can provide you with end-to-end services that cover all the steps of streaming from ingesting to anti-fraud. We can move your content both live and video-on-demand to the digital area with revolutionary technology and a highly experienced team.
We can optimize our services for your content and your needs.


We can provide scalable and reliable content delivery. Our services start with broadcaster’s ingest point through end-user with supported on default multi-bitrate and multi-DRM functions and multi-formats.

Our content delivery methods carry only carries videos to provide no interference for your content.

We care about both end-user and customer experience. We take their feedback and analyze their experience using our built-in analytics services.

We have two options to ingest your broadcast.

  • We can ingest your broadcast from satellite as a service in Erstream Teleport Center.
  • We can ingest your broadcast from your streaming point on-premise.


Just a powerful content delivery is not enough for the maximum available picture quality for the end-users. There is always a loss in the picture quality after the encoding process even the source video quality might be perfect.

However, our encoding solutions make the quality loss in the encoding process so small which is not easy to see the loss in the picture quality without additional help.

You can encode your both live and video-on-demand content with the possible minimum loss and make your content streamable with using our encoder which is developed by us with long R&D work.

With using encoder that has the background of our expertise on premium streaming, you can deliver your media to your users with low latency and fast start-up less than 1 second.

The features of our encoder:
  • Object-oriented design,
  • Content Delivery Network integration,
  • Multiple Content Delivery Network and several ingest points in real-time,
  • Optimized separate versions for live and video-on-demand,
  • H264 and H265 codecs support,
  • RTMP, HLS, Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH support,
  • High Picture Quality,
  • Up to 4K resolution support,
  • Automatically detection of the highest bit-rate,
  • High load terabytes level streaming,
  • Watermarking and 
  • Multiple language and subtitle option for both live and video-on-demand,
  • Build-in Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay and Microsoft PlayReady DRM solutions support,
  • DVR & Time-Shifting

Catch Up TV

Our Catch Up TV software can produce catch up tv videos from live streaming and archive. We provide you to upload to any given Content Delivery Network. Our service could be given as a technical lease or 100% managed service by a panel. 

The features of our Catch Up TV:
  • Ability to crop and combine your clips,
  • Advertisement removing automatically,
  • Both API and Panel support,
  • Ability to publish on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube),
  • Ability to upload any given Content Delivery Network.

Fraud Detection Systems

Working with highly valuable content for years, We share the responsibility and know the importance of content protection. Besides supporting multi-DRM vendors, user authentication and URL protection, We developed ERSTSIGN technology which allows our edges to insert the unique ID of any viewer into the video stream simultaneously.

ERSTSIGN is a unique anti-piracy technology on the OTT market, as a user ID can display until the end of content or could be triggered by the broadcaster manually at some certain time during the broadcast. This feature is meant to prevent or uncover if an individual user has used some screen scraping tool to capture the video and publish it on the internet.

Our systems provide you to capture suspicious behaviors and users and you can disconnect users with our systems.

We provide tools not only to user viewing limitations but also to simple management of live streams. Content rights and regulations, may require blocking live streams for a period of time, or block completely for specific geo-locations. All can be managed via the same web portal or API.

We provide a set of connected services operable via a simple web platform or API with some basic setup and implementation. 

The features of our Fraud Detection Systems:
  • Acceleration mode,
  • Geo-Block,
  • DVR & Time-Shifting,
  • Ticket, Token and Encryption,
  • Blackout,
  • Watermarking and Fingerprint

We can bring together our experience with your content.